Reality behind reality

Trust. They said trust me. I did it too. Never knew you would turn out cruel. I learnt trust is earned, not given away, Shouldn’t have let my mind fabricate. They thought it’s simple, it’s effortless, it’s easy, But they tortured my mind with it until I went dizzy. They tried to define it with […]

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Welcoming 2019

Hurrah! A new year we have begun. I know I’m not the only one Who is ecstatic for the upcoming year It’s gonna be full of new experiences, meeting new people and facing a lot of fears We have crossed each other’s paths before And soon we will head along and open our chosen doors […]

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Hey! I kinda wanna die. I kinda don’t wanna live. I kinda love my life. I kinda am tired. Of everything. I’ve started a fire, I’ve collected some wood. I’ve dug a deep pit. I’ve prepared my stone, which reads, ‘cold as ice, uptight as this stone’. I’ve tied a loop. I’ve hung it up […]

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Remembering you

Another poem, I had composed in memoir of my grandma soon after she left me. OH! She’s gone! But oh, she is no more. So much she had to do, little things if you must say so. I just can’t accept the fact, She would no longer move around me The way she used to, […]

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Maybe, … (A eulogy)

I have dedicated some of my poems to my beloved late grandmother. Here is one. Maybe, there is no one anymore to call me with that affection, That’s bcoz you are irreplaceable forever. Maybe, there is one less person I might have future plans in my dreams about, But you will always be in my […]

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Fifth day of college

27-07-2018 (Friday) Final day of the welcome week. I wasn’t too sure what would happen today. So I went to a classroom and waited. Soon, two of our teachers welcomed and introduced themselves to us. They are going to be grooming each one of us for our future. We started off by being told to […]

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